Monday, July 18, 2011

Mariners Midseason

Well the Mariners have now scored 2 runs in 43 innings. They are eleven games out of first and 9 games and counting under five hundred. The pitching still rocks and the hitting has transcended suckiness into depths that I cannot speak of. Now have a chance to win a game the pitchers have to give up less than 1.9 runs per game and even then they lose over fifty percent of the time.

The only upside is that the pundits no longer scream about trading everyone or Bedard to get the "big bat" that would make us contenders. Bedard took himself out of trade talk when the latest zombie attack sidelined him. We could trade our wonderful closer; I mean he hardly gets to close a game with a team that has  lost nine in a row and has a 80 percent chance of losing if the other team scores 3 runs or more. But nothing really makes sense right now except to play on.

No real trades make sense since the Mariners have nothing to give that teams would give real prospects for, so let me reiterate despite the shrill cries to now "unload" for prospects. I mean, guys, we have nothing to unload. So let's enjoy the pitching and watch the prospects carefully, although it is hard to watch Mike Carp, the world's hottest hitting Triple A player.

I am not worried about next year. It takes too much away from watching the moment. The blog sphere can plan two years in advance, but who predicted the Pirates. Let's just take this one game and one prospect at a time.


  1. I hope Mariners win something this year, cuz last season they have been a total disaster. I even feel bad for their fans, it's not fair.

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